Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have not been a good girl these days~
I have not been updating my blog!
because...I am lazy~
(not a good reason eh? *slap slap myself*)hehe..

So my life have been interesting lately!
No reasons..Maybe because I got to spend more time with him..I don't know?
Sometimes I guess my mom knows about me and him..but sometimes I don't think she knows..
But I have gave her the so obvious hint already..or MAYBE..she wants me to tell her myself..
Life is complicated when it does not have to be that way><

Okay..I have this great restaurant I want to introduce to you guys.It's located at my campus..but anyone can come! As long there is parking..hehe
It is OHANA...
Their theme is sort of like Hawaiian culture where you can see in this pictures that some decorations are made from bamboo, and the song they play, they make me feel like I am eating by the beach or Sunway Lagoon..but too bad is by the lake...LAKESIDE!

I went to eat there for 2 days straight because the price there was quite reasonable. On my 1st day I chose Fish n Chips! It's like RM8.70 for it and plus RM2 for their lunch set which comes with a ice tea..Reasonable!

and on the 2nd day, I tried their pizza! woooo!!! is so thin! Is like the Domino pizza..probably thinner! So nicee and Crispy and it is just nice if you share with another friend. The pizza's price is RM 10.30 only.

I have more pictures..but the pics are taken by my dear friend Miss Jia Leng...Need to get it from her..and I will update more about it next blog post!!weeee!!!!

see ya then...^^

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